No Our concept is simple, NO SALESMAN POLICY, at Villas In Spain we will not try to hard sell you, our chief objective is to guide and advise you, our team of dedicated professional advisers are on hand to help you at every step of your journey, and we treat all our clients as friends. This is a new and radical concept in buying or creating your very own luxury dream VILLAS IN SPAIN. In this way, you the client take control,  you get to REALISE the maximum power of your dreams and imagination, while taking advantage of the maximum power of our knowledge and experience to find YOUR perfect dream home here on the Costa Blanca. Alternatively you can use our team of professional architects and interior designers to create and design your perfect dream VILLAS IN SPAIN. Don´t think in terms of cost or technical possibilities, just consider the possibility of obtaining your dream home through the help of Villas In Spain.




Of Building YOUR dream by design and innovation.

No standard design policies, no standard design dreams because no two people dream the same, if you are here it is because you are not a standard thinking person…. Of course, you are a unique individual, and your new Villa in Spain needs to reflect that in its unique and individual design.

Using our team of professional architects, leaders in design with revolutionary and innovative new ideas you can realize your very own creation. Your dream can become a reality here at Villas In Spain. You are not just creating a luxury villa, you are designing a unique and very personal dream home.







The interior design of your new home is obviously of major concern, but is in reality the ultimate objective.

The interior designers at Villas In Spain do not believe there are any pre-conceived, antiquated or obsolete ideas, if you can dream it our interior designers can create it. Whether you want Africa to meet Asia, antique to combine fluently with modern or space-age to gel with the stone-age our designers will find a way to make it a reality.

So when you enter your new villa you will be in the fantastic world of your interior design dreams, a unique, incredible, comfortable, special and welcoming space. The space of your dreams, imagined by you and made a reality by us.






We specialize in providing a wide assortment of Design Development services that is executed under the keen vigil of our Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Design Consultants. Backed by an extensive industry experience, we have been able to render reliable solutions for high quality building design & construction projects and interior fit-out projects that meet the business needs & functional requirements of the clients. Our assortment of design & engineering consultancy & interior design services are widely demanded by government & private bodies and individual clients.